Illustrated Courtroom Book Collects a Dozen Book Awards!

The Illustrated Courtroom, the first full-size, full-color collection of courtroom art (it is also available in eBook format), has become one of the most-honored books published in America in recent years, winning 12 awards for academic and independent books.  It includes more than 140 drawings from courtrooms by five of the most prominent illustrators working in the field, including Elizabeth Williams, who co-authored the book for the CUNY Journalism Press along with renowned true-crime writer Sue Russell, whose text takes readers behind the scenes of some of the biggest trials of the past half century, from the Black Panthers to Charles Manson to Michael Jackson to Bernie Madoff.

One of the featured cases, in both courtroom drawings and behind-the-scenes text, is Son of Sam -- and coincidentally, this summer (July 29) is the 40th anniversary of the first murder by (as he was initially known) the .44 Caliber Killer.

If you haven’t checked it out for its art, journalism, law and behind-the-scenes analysis of some of the most notable court proceedings in the past five decades, now is the time, with the price cut in half, from the original $60 to a mere $30. And the eBook remains a digital deal: only $10. A great gift for fans of true crime cases and courtroom dramas, lawyers, artists, students, you name it: and a certain talking point on any bookshelf or coffee table.

Some of The Illustrated Courtroom’s Awards/Honors

2016 Eric Hoffer Book Award Best in Academic Press 
A Times Literary Supplement Book of the Year 2014
Kirkus Reviews’ Best Books of 2014 
Independent Book Publisher Awards ( IPPY)
           Bronze medal: Best Informational eBook
Next Generation Indie Book Awards 

            Historical Non-Fiction
            Specialty Books
            Non-Fiction eBook

eLit Book Awards   
            Gold Medal: Fine Art
            Gold Medal: True Crime
            Silver Medal: History
            Silver Medal: Graphic Drawn Book Drama/Documentary
Global eBook Awards
            Gold Medal: Best Illustration/Non-Fiction
Eric Hoffer Grand Prize Finalist

Recent Honors

"The Illustrated Courtroom" racks up honors at the 2016 Next Generation Indie Book Awards & Beyond

Named to 2 Book of the Year lists

Kirkus Reviews
Times Literary Supplement (News UK)

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